Toxic substances in the Environment


Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry of the University of Agriculture in Krakow
would like to encourage you to participate

in the VIII International Scientific Conference „TOXIC SUBSTANCES IN THE ENVIRONMENT”



Scientific issues of the conference include sources, changes and effect of toxic substances in the environment in respect of:

identification of risks:

  • environmental monitoring,

  • methods of testing toxic substances in the environment,

  • levels of environmental pollution or contamination with toxic substances and cycle of toxic substances in the environment,

primary production and gathering of raw materials:

  • effect of toxic substances on plants and animals,

  • effect of toxic substances on soil biological activity,

  • quality of raw materials from different systems of agricultural production,

secondary production and product use:

  • possibilities of environmental use of waste as a source of nutritional elements,

  • effect of production processes (and waste) on the environment,

  • threat posed by toxic substances and challenges of circular economy,

  • biomass production and management,

  • waste and waste recycling as a source of toxic and harmful substances,

technology of environmental protection:

  • ways of purification, immobilization and neutralisation of toxic substances occurring in the environment,

  • methods of treatment of water and soils contaminated with chemical substances,

  • reclamation of degraded lands,

health and ecological risk:

  • analysis and evaluation of the ecological risk,

  • risk analysis for human health,

  • toxic substances in living organisms,

  • management of the environmental risk,

  • procedures of risk assessment in environmental management,

methods of testing environmental samples:

  • methods of collecting environmental samples and preparing them for analysis,

  • chemical analysis of samples with environmental matrix,

  • tools and procedures in quality control of analytical results,

legal aspects concerning toxic substances in the environment:

  • regulations concerning toxic substances in the environment,

  • regulations concerning management of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).


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